About Narita Travel



I began my career in the travel industry as a field assistant with a Travel Services Agency in Luxor, serving a diverse range of nationalities.


I established my own Travel Services Agency in Luxor, focusing on the Upper Egypt region. This venture allowed me to collaborate directly with several European tour operators, including St. Marcus Tours (Germany) and P&O Cruises, providing comprehensive services across Egypt for nearly five years.


While managing services in Luxor for a leading Egyptian Travel Agency specializing in the Japanese market, I worked with major Japanese tour operators such as JTB, KNT, and SNT. During this period, I received an invitation from a Japanese group participant to visit Japan, which I accepted and fulfilled a couple of years later.

During My Visit to Japan:

My visit allowed me to gain insights into the Japanese personality and mentality, as well as to experience the high quality and variety of services provided to tourists in Japan. This experience inspired me to establish a travel agency in Egypt that could offer services of similar quality.


After a comprehensive study of the Japanese market and its requirements, I founded Narita Travel. We quickly became the local agent for several Japanese tour operators and expanded our services to other markets.

Our Commitment:

At Narita Travel, we strive to continuously improve and maintain the highest standards of service for our valued guests. Our goal is to ensure their comfort and to provide a memorable stay in Egypt.

We look forward to meeting your travel needs and welcoming you to the land of the Pharaohs.

Victor Adly

CEO & Founder, Narita Travel